Kalish Method

At Total Body Health Functional Medicine, we believe in using the Kalish Method to treat and prevent chronic health issues in five main categories:

• Weight Gain

• Lack of Energy/Chronic Fatigue

• Digestive Issues

• Hormonal Imbalance

• Depression


Many of the common chronic health issues are caused by the daily stress that you are under. Chronic stress normally leads to digestive issues due to the stress hormones directly breaking down the gut lining. The breakdown of the gut lining can lead to a breakdown of your immune system and allow toxins to build up in your system and overwhelm your liver. 

The Kalish Method is a proven course of treatment that uses a healthy diet and lifestyle change to reverse chronic health issues. Using a number of diagnostic tests, we create customized programs for our patients to help target their specific problem areas one at a time.

We want to help improve your life by applying the methods of Dr. Daniel Kalish. Start today by scheduling a free 10-minute consultation!