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Meet Dr. Cirelli, CFMP, D.C.

Dr. Marcus Cirelli graduated from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. He has extensive post-doctorate training and education in Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition through Functional Medicine University. He has completed a functional diagnostic medicine training program through Southern California University of Health Sciences. Dr. Cirelli is a Certified Gluten Expert and is a current board of director member for a children nutrition company. Dr. Cirelli sees patients both locally in Cleveland, Ohio and via webcam consultations for people around the world.


He specializes in getting to the root cause of conditions and looks for underlying factors that contribute to disease processes. Dr. Cirelli uses individualized health programs for chronic conditions such as autoimmune disease, thyroid disorders, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive disorders, heart disease, and hormonal dysfunctions.

"I truly love getting to the root cause of what is ailing my patients, and then helping them with a safe, natural way to improve their lives." – Dr. Cirelli

Having health issues of his own, Dr. Cirelli was able to help heal himself through the use of Functional Medicine. Suffering from brain fog, leaky gut, and adrenal fatigue, Dr. Cirelli used dietary change, supplementation, and lifestyle modifications to help overcome his health challenges. Dr. Cirelli founded Total Body Health to help others overcome their personal health issues and to restore normal function back to the body. By using a functional medicine approach, Dr. Cirelli is able to get to the root cause of the underlying sources and contributing factors of each individual’s complaint.


Dr. Cirelli utilizes the latest diagnostic testing and analysis that is often not performed in the current medical setting. By using this state of the art testing, he is able to uncover the hidden reasons as to why people are feeling the way that they do and why they are experiencing a certain set of symptoms. He also uses an individualized approach to each patient and designs treatment plans based on individual needs. Please contact Dr. Cirelli below for more information.

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