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Meet Tamara Moreal

Tamara Moreal holds a Bachelor of Education and is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. In addition, she continues to update her education in the areas of Gluten, It's Function and Implications on Health, Plant-Based Nutrition, Hormone Support, and Therapeutic Elimination Diets. 

Tamara's desire to become a Holistic Nutritionist was a result of her own health issues. Her symptoms of brain fog, fatigue, painful joints, and gut dysbiosis at times were quite debilitating. These symptoms were resolved by finding and treating the root cause. She believes that the client holds the key to their wellness and that true health involves a combined approach using natural nutrition, targeted supplements, and lifestyle practices. Tamara’s goal is to use a compassionate, manageable approach to empower her clients to take control of their health so they feel their best physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Tamara has consulted with many clients over the past several years to improve digestion, energy, and decrease inflammation. She is genuinely concerned and cares about others. Tamara is personally motivated, reliable, accountable, confident in her abilities, and well prepared to assist others to meet their health and wellness goals! 


From her childhood upbringing on a working farm, she learned the value of knowing the source of food, and learned to appreciate the land. In addition, took pride in cooking everything from scratch and eating seasonal produce. To this day, Tamara continues to grow vegetables, support local farmer’s markets and enjoys pasture- raised meats. Tamara is married to her husband Michael and has 3 children. She strives to maintain a balanced lifestyle with her active children and in her personal time enjoys, cooking meals, going for long walks with her dog, and biking. 
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