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"After seeing 8 different “specialists” I was very hesitant to see Dr. Cirelli for my fibromyalgia. I was told by my neurologist that that was an incurable disease and that I would have to learn to cope with my condition. After meeting with Dr. Cirelli, I knew I was in the right place. He took the time to go through my history in detail and asked questions about my health that no one had ever asked before. He explained that a large majority of my symptoms were actually stemming from my gut where the majority of my immune system was. He performed some testing that traditional doctors do not normally do and discovered that I had bad bacteria growing in my stomach and was contributing to my problems. I was placed on a certain diet, given supplements, and had many changes made to my life that were all contributing to my problem. I was amazed that within only 3 weeks I began to noticed changes- I had been suffering with my fibromyalgia for 4 years. After 6 weeks, I began to regain my energy and my sense of well-being. I continue to follow the advice hat Dr. Cirelli has given me and he is always checking in and making changes to my supplements and diet to ensure that my fibromyalgia doesn’t come back. I am so happy that I saw Dr. Cirelli and that he has helped me so much. I cannot recommend him enough!"

"Dr. Cirelli  is very very helpful and spends quality time with his patients evaluating and assessing what steps need to be taken in order to get the patient on the right road to their recovery. His insight and treatment has been VERY helpful in my recovery process. He doesn’t just treat you as an in and out patient; he take his time to go over your health history and address where the issues may lie. He helps you understand what is going on with your body and how you can fix it — as a team! Food is medicine and Dr. Cirelli teaches you how to efficiently apply this way of life to your own diet. I’ve seen progress in my recovery thanks to him! I highly recommend him — beyond thankful I am able to see him and urge others to go see him as well!" 

"Since going through the change, my hot flashes, night sweats, and low sex drive have been horrendous. I sought out the care of Dr. Cirelli to help me with this. He ran a hormone panel and it showed that my hormones were all over the place! After a few supplements and lifestyle changes I am back to my normal self. It feels amazing to know that this is not my new normal. I am so happy with the care I got at Total Body Health." 

"I initially came to see Dr. Cirelli about my acid reflux that I had been suffering with for 15 years. I was tired of constantly having the reflux despite taking a protein pump inhibitor. Every time I ate, I would experience some discomfort. My primary care doctor told me that I needed to increase my dose and not to worry about any side effects of the medication. I knew that there had to be some alternative treatment out there. Dr. Cirelli helped explain to me that too much acid in my stomach wasn’t my issue, but lack of acid in my stomach was causing me my problems. My goal was to solely get my reflux under control. I was shocked when Dr. Cirelli started to make connections to other things I had been experiencing without knowing my full history. Through a diet change, adding in some supplements and helping to reduce my stress, I was fully off my reflux medication within 12 weeks (I had been taking it for 15 years). Not only did my reflux go away completely, my skin got better, my headaches disappeared, and my joint pain was completely gone. Dr. Cirelli told me that all these things were connected and I had a hard time believing him until it actually did happen. I cannot thank Dr. Cirelli enough for giving me my life back and getting me of my medication."

"I've been working with Dr. Cirelli for a couple of years. He has been instrumental in enhancing not only my health but my wife's. He takes the time to get to the root of issues and develops great game plans to solve ailments. He is a doctor that goes the extra length to help and heal!"

"My eczema was so severe that I was embarrassed to leave the house at times. My primary care doctor placed me on several different types of steroids and lotions to help with the symptoms. The medications would work for a few months and then slowly the eczema would come back. When I questioned my doctor, he would state that it is an autoimmune condition and there was nothing else he could do for me. After hearing from a friend that Dr. Cirelli looks for the “root cause” of symptoms, I knew I had to see him. I have never had a doctor spend so much time with me and answer all the questions that I had. Dr. Cirelli is very personable and doesn’t just treat you like a number like most doctors do. He spent an hour and a half going through my health history and asking a lot of questions related to my eczema. He designed a personalized plan just for me and my eczema. Although some of the diet changes were hard for me, I knew I was on the right track when only after a few weeks my skin began to clear up. Dr. Cirelli explained to me that this would take time to fully heal and to recover completely. He also informed me that I may have to stay on a certain diet in order to prevent the symptoms from coming back. I couldn’t be happier with my results and what Dr. Cirelli has done for me. I am now able to go outside and not be ashamed of my skin. If you are looking for a doctor that really cares about you and your health, then I would recommend Dr. Cirelli."

"I cannot thank Dr. Cirelli enough for the work he has done with my son. He helped to give him his life back and he now has the energy and focus to get through college. Dr. Cirelli definitely made my Christmas card list this year for all the help he has giving me and my family!"

"I had a bone density test done after seeing my primary doctor for my annual check-up. She informed that that I had moderate to severe osteoporosis and told me that I needed to start on hormone replacement therapy right away. After looking at the laundry list of side effects from the medication, I opted to seek out alternative solutions. A friend of mine had mentioned “functional medicine” and that’s what brought me to Dr. Cirelli. He ran several additional tests on me and identified that I had several nutritional deficiencies that were contributing to my bone loss. He also pointed out that I was severely dehydrated, my pH was off, and that my smoking and alcohol consumption was also playing a role. He placed me on several different supplements to help balance out my nutritional deficiencies, changed my diet and lifestyle, and added in an exercise routine to help start re-mineralizing my bones. I went back to my doctor for a follow up bon scan and she was shocked when she saw the improvement I had made. She insisted that I tell her what I was doing and told me not to stop and continue my treatment with Dr. Cirelli. I went from being worried about falling and breaking a hip to living my life more care free. If you want alternative solutions besides drugs, then I would seek out treatment from Dr. Cirelli."

"I began to notice memory loss, mood changes and hand tremors in June 2018. My primary doctor sent me to a neurologist and I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. The neurologist informed me that this was a progressive disease and that the only thing he could do for me was to help try to help slow down the rate at which I progress. When I questioned him further as to why I was having the symptoms, his response was “I am not sure- it may be hereditary”. I decided to seek out a second alternative opinion. Being a health care provider myself, I knew that something else had to be going on. Dr. Cirelli informed me that one of the most common causes of Parkinson’s disease is a heavy metal toxicity. Dr. Cirelli performed a hair test on me to check for any heavy metal toxicity. It turned out that I had several different metals in my body and that these were contributing to my symptoms. When I went back to my neurologist and showed him the results, he told me that it had nothing to do with my Parkinson’s and that I was wasting my time. Dr. Cirelli insisted otherwise and placed me on a detox to help get the metals out of my system. Initially I got worse, which Dr. Cirelli told me would happen. After several weeks I started to notice that I was feeling better, my memory was improving, and my tremors were decreasing. When I went back to my neurologist, he was shocked by what had happened. He informed me that it was from the medication he had placed me on- the only problem was that I was not taking any of the medication he prescribed. All my results were from the treatment Dr. Cirelli did with me. I will forever be thankful to Dr. Cirelli and everything he has done. He saved me from early retirement and helped give me my life back."

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