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Assisted Stretch Therapy:The Latest Way To Loosen Up

Most of us likely don’t take care of our body as well as we could and should. We often sit hunched over at our desks for hours on end, opt for that fast and convenient take-out meal, or skip the workout we promised ourselves we’d do yesterday. Yet despite months and years of neglect, despite feeling tension in our backs and necks, we do little to alleviate the discomfort we experience in our bodies–even with something as simple and accessible as stretching. (Can you recall the last time you adequately stretched?).

Yes, stretching can be uncomfortable and, admittedly, somewhat painful at times, but it is also immensely beneficial to our bodies. The pain relief we experience from chronic aches and pains after a good stretch is undeniable, but many of us aren’t adequately educated on how to properly stretch to achieve optimal results. Unfortunately, this can potentially result in stretching-related injuries.

Thankfully, a new form of holistic therapy–assisted stretch therapy–is gaining popularity. If you find yourself feeling chronic aches and pains, feeling particularly immobile or inflexible, experiencing poor posture, or want to improve your performance during exercise, read on to learn how assisted stretch therapy can potentially benefit you.

What is assisted stretch therapy?

During an assisted stretch therapy session, a certified practitioner will lead you through a structured series of stretches. Stretch therapists are trained in tailoring stretch sessions to meet the needs of their patients and to prevent stretch-related injuries and/or overstretching.

Benefits of assisted stretch therapy

If you frequently stretch on your own, you know the relief from chronic pain and stiffness you can experience from stretching. But the benefits of assisted stretching don’t stop there. Stretch therapy can:

  • Provide stress relief;

  • Increase flexibility;

  • Improve posture;

  • Improve mobility and range of motion;

  • Improve blood circulation;

  • Improve core strength;

  • Reduce risk of injuries.

If you’re interested in experiencing the numerous benefits of assisted stretch therapy, I will be offering this service at my new office–Balance Holistic Health Center–opening on January 2, 2023. You can pre-book your stretch therapy session now on our website-

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