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Benefits of Infrared Saunas

An effective way to increase detoxification, reduce bodily pain, as well as improve cardiovascular function, saunas are popular today among many. Their use, however, is nothing new as they have been used over the course of history–including in Native American cultures as well as Ancient Rome.

Thankfully, saunas of today are much more comfortable and enjoyable as compared to saunas of the past. Most notably, modern technology has allowed for the development of infrared sauna therapy in which infrared waves are used to generate heat within the body–versus using heat to generate heat within the body. These invisible waves penetrate the skin, circulating heat and stimulating mitochondrial activity.

A safe and affordable method to support and improve one’s health, here are some notable benefits infrared sauna therapy provides:

  • Pain relief. Chronic pain may be reduced which can likely be attributed to a reduction in inflammation.

  • Detoxification. By sweating in the sauna, we are able to eliminate toxins as well as reduce the levels of toxins circulating in our bodies.

  • Improved circulation. Research has revealed infrared sauna therapy boosts circulation which can lower blood pressure and improve blood vessel function.

  • Improved heart function. When using a sauna, heart rate and blood flow are increased which is comparable to the cardiac output experienced when taking a brisk walk. Research has shown saunas can reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death, fatal coronary heart disease, and fatal cardiovascular disease.

  • Weight loss. Saunas increase one’s heart rate as well as body temperature so the body, naturally, will attempt to cool itself thereby burning calories. Two weeks of sauna use has been found to decrease both body weight and body fat.

  • Promotes wound healing. Infrared light stimulates mitochondrial activity which promotes tissue growth as well as cell regeneration.

  • Helps chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue patients who consistently used infrared sauna therapy for four weeks experienced a substantial reduction in symptoms. Researchers hypothesize this is due to a sauna's ability to reduce oxidative stress and improve cardiac output.

  • Improved skin tone. Saunas can help improve skin tone as well as reduce wrinkles by dilating the blood vessels thereby increasing circulation in the body. Increased circulation helps deliver nutrients and oxygen to the skin which promotes collagen production.

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